Pray For Them!!!

Just like rain, it is the precipitation of atmospheric water vapour, that means it has acquired much energy much room to fall under gravity. Some days we are informed by the meteorologist of possible rain showers or rain fall before hand, some adhere to the information by putting in their cars or hand bags or … Continue reading Pray For Them!!!


I Affirm !

Today I affirm, grief does not have permission to overtake what I am growing in my garden. Today I affirm to love myself more than I have ever loved. Today I affirm to step in the right direction of happiness, today I affirm to acknowledge my self-worth more than I ever have. Because we live … Continue reading I Affirm !


It's a sunny afternoon and I'm cuddled up in bed and thoughts are travelling through my mind on doing the right thing or doing the wrong thing for once. Thoughts are going to travel in and out of our minds.     there are goals to be achieved, places to visit and adventures to partake … Continue reading Choices!