Being Candid.

Hey Lovelies. Welcome back to my space. It has obviously been a while since I invited you into this little space of mine to talk and motivate you in Faith, Career and Life as whole. I'm not going to come up with a story that insinuates that I have been going through the most trying … Continue reading Being Candid.


Hey Lovelies. Welcome back to My Space. It has been a week of rest and filling my tank up. I'm currently listening to All That Matters by GUC. I want to talk to you about forgiveness, let's dive right in.Psychologists generally define forgiveness  as a conscious, deliberate decision to release feelings of resentment or vengeance toward … Continue reading Forgiveness.

Hold My Hands.

Hello Lovelies, welcome back to my space. I bet you missed me 😋. If you're new here, Welcome On Board, I talk about a host of things from Faith to God to Motivation to Freindships to Relationships. This is just my little space where I talk to people and help them through whatever phase of … Continue reading Hold My Hands.