Are You Worthy?

Hey lovelies, Happy Easter. So I woke up with this urge to talk, to let it all out, to re define my purpose, to live my purpose, to live my truth. I’m sitting down with my journal and pen in front of me, a bottle of  water by the side and a plate of  boiled … Continue reading Are You Worthy?

Grateful Heart – God’s Strong Pill

A lot of times we are so engrossed in the things we desire from God and how fast we want him to come through for us that we forget to give him thanks, to worship him, to praise him, we forget that these things are his food. As you read through this blog post today I hope you're reminded to give God his daiky dosage of food not just today that is Sunday but every other day. Thank you.

Keep Pushing

Hey lovelies, hope you're having a lovely day and chasing your goals. Top of the morning, afternoon or evening... depends on whichever time you decide to view this post. This post today is for when you feel like nothing is happening, there's no progress, you have no clue of what's getting better in your life … Continue reading Keep Pushing