Good Morning!!!

Hello ladies and gentle men, happy last Sunday of January💃💃. Many a time in your life you sit down and you entertain few thoughts and that leads to decision making. Some of these decisions may be * Focus on God/spending more time with God🙌 * Adventure * Read more books 🙋* take studies seriously * … Continue reading Good Morning!!!


Letter to Myself ☺- three nights.

We all get to a stage where we've cried and thought badly and we realise it's time to move on. Holding on to a dead relationship would only get you hurt, it will kill your drive, make you sad all the time. Cry all you can today and move. Three nights is all you need … Continue reading Letter to Myself ☺- three nights.


Unforgiveness brings about sadness, memories of the incident when you were hurt automatically changes your mood. Forgiveness is defined as the act of letting go of or waiveing aside any negative feeling or desire for punishment. Today just sitting in the car with my mother, memories of how my friends hurt me so badly and … Continue reading Forgiveness😰

Hello 💞

Good day ladies and gentlemen, happy new week, I pray that you have a prosperous, favourable and successful week ahead. For a week now I've become so close to God , I talk to him just like I would talk to my family and its been great. I would usually lay down on my bed … Continue reading Hello 💞

Great Purge 2

My last post was on throwing everything that served no purpose in your life to the left. Am gonna emphasize more on that. Some of us are still holding onto meaningless relationships, friendships,thoughts,grudges and so much more that do more harm than good thereby causing us to be unhappy,frustrated,withdrawn from the world . Don't look … Continue reading Great Purge 2

The Great Purge.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, have you spoken to God today, if your answer is NO I urge you to speak to him as you read this message from me. First of all PURGING is defined as a process of cleansing thoroughly, to get rid of impurities, to free from sin,burden guilt or responsibility of … Continue reading The Great Purge.

Hello – In time of discouragement and when all hope is lost , God always shows up😄☺

Hello guys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, once again happy new year to you all. It is my prayer that your heart desires be answered in Jesus Name, Amen. There comes a time, sometimes just a moment of discouragement which makes us withdraw from moving closer to our goals . When you get this way … Continue reading Hello – In time of discouragement and when all hope is lost , God always shows up😄☺