Human Power.

Hello lovelies, welcome to yet another post on this site. So I watched "The Red Table Show" by JandaPinkett Smith featuring Gabrielle Union Wade.  JadaPinkett mentioned the speech that Gabrielle Union made at Essence 2013 and that speech shook me. In this speech, Gabrielle says she had always been the one to hate the next girl because … Continue reading Human Power.

One day at a time.

    Hello lovelies, welcome to yet another MAGIC MONDAY. For me, Mondays come with a challenge, a sense of responsibility, a feeling to make a change and something that just makes me feel to need to kick ass and that's the reason why I'm writing this. The past few weeks have been clouded with … Continue reading One day at a time.

Are you drowning?

Hello lovelies, welcome back to my blog  and of course I have an amazing and self-challenging topic to keep you going through your week. Drowning in this blog post represents a situation or condition that causes you to see your self falling, lacking self control, lacking stability, lacking balance, staggering, gasping for help, gasping for … Continue reading Are you drowning?