Human Power.

Hello lovelies, welcome to yet another post on this site. So I watched “The Red Table Show” by JandaPinkett Smith featuring Gabrielle Union Wade. 

JadaPinkett mentioned the speech that Gabrielle Union made at Essence 2013 and that speech shook me. In this speech, Gabrielle says she had always been the one to hate the next girl because she was doing better,She would be the one to say bad things about the next girl because she thought the other girl was doing better than her. But with the help of her health and fitness coach  Adrian Johnson, she was able to heal.

A lot of human beings, male and female derive joy in bringing others down, in being in a competition with one another, being in a verbal war with one another, just hating on the next person. I’ve come to realise over the few years of my adulthood that unhappy people are the ones that do this, they are so unhappy that they decide to be bitter towards other people. True secret to being happy and spreading love is to first love yourself. I’m an advocate for self love because self love would take you places hate won’t take, self love would take you places bitterness can’t take you. If the world could realise self love the hate in the world would depreciate to a fault.

At some point, you would have to get honest with yourself and live your truth. You don’t ever have to be ready, no one was born to breathe bitterness into this world. As humans, we should empower each other and not bring others down, I see a lot of people do this and most of the time these people are unhappy. Self love is the cure. 

With Love,




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