Sometimes we may be who we say we are not, we may betray the ones  closest to us, backbite , curse on them behind close doors, lie, best false accusation, gossip, hate, be the snake in their lives. But ask yourself one question,  What you are doing, is it taking you closer to your goals? … Continue reading

God is always bigger!!!

I don't know but I'm led to speak today. Are you in a state of sadness, grief, unhappiness, depression, loneliness and everything negative?. Have you lost a soul to death, finding difficulty in getting a job, finding difficulty in understanding or passing a course of subject in school , finding it hard to stop a … Continue reading God is always bigger!!!


Every year God blesses me with an extra-ordinary birthday gift and it's always the best 😊. Last year God took away few persons away from my life and I didn't understand why and it really hurt me and now I know God did that to bring me out of somewhere, I wouldn't be where I … Continue reading Word!!!