Hey Guys and Girls☺

HELLO 2015 IT'S GETTING CLOSE TO MY GOOD-BYES. Good day ladies and gentlemen. 2015 has been a blessing to me, a huge one at that because it was 'An Eye-Opener'. So many things has happened in a year, but everything I went through taught me just one 'Life Goes on'. You can't have a better … Continue reading Hey Guys and Girls☺

Hello Procrastinator

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, Happy Christmas in arrears, Happy Holidays. Am so sorry I haven't posted in a while. A Procrastinator is one who procrastinates, one who delays on working on things. To Procrastinate means to put off, to delay taking actions, to wait until later. 👧👦 Today i am talking about a procrastinator, I … Continue reading Hello Procrastinator