Every year God blesses me with an extra-ordinary birthday gift and it’s always the best 😊. Last year God took away few persons away from my life and I didn’t understand why and it really hurt me and now I know God did that to bring me out of somewhere, I wouldn’t be where I am today if that did not happen. This year God didn’t take anyone outta my life, but he gave me a clearer picture of life and a new vision 😊 and he blessed me with four persons I call heaven sent ☺(Joey ❀ JacintaπŸ’– Anthony πŸ‘Œ and WinifredπŸ”₯). This year I didn’t ask God for anythin, I hardly prayed about God sending me good friends all I kept doing was giving him thanks and asking him to be the centre of my life. Yes, there were days I felt depressed, felt lonely, felt like God wasn’t acting, felt like God didn’t care, felt like God wasn’t watching but he was preparing something big and great for me.

What is the moral of this message I’m trying to pass across, “when God takes something good away from your life, he’s going to bless you with something better and best”. It really works, few months ago i wasn’t this happy, wasn’t this joyful, Β haven’t been excited about my vision and dreams and life until July 1st and yes prayer really works, pray endlessly and pray without season, pray at all times and live a faithful life. Because today i can boldly say i am happy and fulfilled πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†. On my birthday- July 1st I kept singing “I am fulfilled x2 , I am fulfilled in Christ jesus” and my sister , Kioba kept laughing and encouraged me to keep singing. Positive decree and positive words can change your life😊😊😊😊


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