I Affirm !

Screenshot_2017-01-25-20-55-55_edit.pngToday I affirm, grief does not have permission to overtake what I am growing in my garden. Today I affirm to love myself more than I have ever loved. Today I affirm to step in the right direction of happiness, today I affirm to acknowledge my self-worth more than I ever have. Because we live in a world where self-love and putting yourself first is termed as selfish, today I affirm to be adamant to the societal ideologies of life. Today I affirm to heal, because I’m working towards my masterpiece, because I’m trying to find myself. Today I affirm to forgive, to be gentle with the journey, to be okay with not being okay, try to carry on, to understand that everything is not to be understood.  Today I come to terms in understanding love, you will love people who will never love you back and still you must not ever misplace your magic.

For all of you that are emotionally disabled or broken, healing will surely surface. For all of you wondering if you have a chance to love an individual, go with the flow, don’t rush, don’t be in a haste, take one step at a time. Today, love your self like you never have, give yourself permission to start over without judgement or harshness.
Happy Valentine’s Day.

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