Pray For Them!!!


Freedom comes when forgiveness takes place. Say a prayer for those that hurt or gave up on you or those that intended to play with your feelings. Only then can inner healing commence truly.

Just like rain, it is the precipitation of atmospheric water vapour, that means it has acquired much energy much room to fall under gravity. Some days we are informed by the meteorologist of possible rain showers or rain fall before hand, some adhere to the information by putting in their cars or hand bags or with them umbrellas when going out and some don’t. Some times it comes out just as broadcasted by the meteorologist and sometimes it doesn’t. ‎This is how love and friendship plays out. Often than never we get signs and warning to protect ourself from the heavy and thunderous rain about to fall or shower on that friendship or love and often than not it plays in reality just as the signs or warnings you get. But friensdhips will fail, love will come to an end, heart’s are going to get broken and healing is going to occur.

So many of us start laying curses, start hating and regretting and saying all sort of negative things and all the worse things there is to say and think of. Today as you read this post, ask yourself this question “how far has hating, regretting, cursing, throwing negativity brought you? Has it made you better? Did you heal faster? Did you move on faster? Did it contribute to your health?”
I’ll answer that for you, it made you stuck at a place and that’s the place of unforgiveness and nothing grows there. Here is what you should do, go to God, your creator and he knows just how to take  you through the healing process. Don’t just pray for your healing through your failed friendship or recently concluded love, pray for them, pray for those that hurt you, that they get better and meet better persons, pray for karma not to get to them, pray for God’s mercy upon them, pray for his grace upon them. Why? Because you dont treat people how they treat you. They made you believe they would stand by you? They believed lies about you? They played you? They deceived you? They used and dumped you? They didn’t accept or love your imperfections?
Don’t regret, it happened to give you more strength, that friendship or love came to an end because it wasn’t meant to be, they were meant to cross paths with you for a reason. Don’t fret, just accept what is and talk to God.
Don’t treat them based on how they treated you, treat them based on who you are. And you’re not about to take vengeance by your words, you’ll regret someday. Replace that regret and hate and unforgiveness with love and prayers. They hurt you, have you cried enough? Cry enough and while you cry pray great and positive things for them. You heal faster.

2 thoughts on “Pray For Them!!!

  1. LAGOS CITY CHIC says:

    Wow very deep. I can relate. Personal experience about someone who hurt me; I went through the self hate stage, I hated the person, I forgave myself and it was easier to forgive the person. But in the end I think what got me through it all is that I prayed and I cried and I prayed, Bottom line, Prayer is key.
    Thanks for this post.


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