Hey Lovelies, top of the day to you and compliments of the season. Don't forget that Jesus is the reason for the season 😊. This year has been a wonderful ride for me and I am sure same goes for most of my readers, Christmas was pretty chilled and matured for me this year, I … Continue reading Cheers



Hey lovelies, top of the morning to you. It's a cool Wednesday morning here in Lagos and I have quite a number of tasks to complete before the end of this week. How far have you gone with the target you set for this week? Not so far? Get to it and see how far … Continue reading Rantings.

Keep Pushing

Hey lovelies, hope you're having a lovely day and chasing your goals. Top of the morning, afternoon or evening... depends on whichever time you decide to view this post. This post today is for when you feel like nothing is happening, there's no progress, you have no clue of what's getting better in your life … Continue reading Keep Pushing

Are you drowning?

Hello lovelies, welcome back to my blog  and of course I have an amazing and self-challenging topic to keep you going through your week. Drowning in this blog post represents a situation or condition that causes you to see your self falling, lacking self control, lacking stability, lacking balance, staggering, gasping for help, gasping for … Continue reading Are you drowning?

13 Unjustified Reasons Why (Spoiler-less review of 13 Reasons Why)

Donald Trump isn't a bad guy. Fake news, Covfefe and his other trumped-up punchlines are a testament to that (nope, not at all). Overlooking his Lego boarder ambitions, women are up for 'grabs' mentality and his day-to-day buy-his-way-out-of-it Fortune-500 hundred business, he's actually a decent guy. He's pro-american -- but your favourite meme page on … Continue reading 13 Unjustified Reasons Why (Spoiler-less review of 13 Reasons Why)