Walking Down the Street Called Righteousness.

Every living being undergoes challenges when we decide to walk down this street called Righteousness and I am not talking about going to church, paying your tithe, paying offerings, serving in the church. The context in which I use Righteousness here, solely means to have that covenant with God that you have decided to live … Continue reading Walking Down the Street Called Righteousness.


Broken to Purpose.

Hello lovelies. I'm currently getting mentally ready to read 'the Prodigal Daughter " by my all time favourite Author and Gospel preacher - Mrs. Adara Sherron. Before I even start reading this book, it's being laid upon my heart to share this content with the souls that read this. A lot of individuals go through … Continue reading Broken to Purpose.

Does God choose your spouse for you?

There has never been a better post that I’ve read than this. This article would wake you up and set you right.
The Harry’s are blessed with spirituality and spiritual insight to things that the world takes as a norm. Click the link below and get blessed. This one is by Helen Harry. 💕💕



Hey you! Yeah, so I want you to pause and answer that question which is also the title of this article. So, after hearing that question in your voice as it played out in your head, what was your answer? Now, take a minute and reflect on your answer and the appropriate reasons. When you’re done and if you may, please proceed to the next paragraph to know my own answer and reasons. In the end, I hope I am able to convince you to agree with me. But if not, there is going to be a segment where I publish posts from readers and throw this open for public discussion.

I have chosen to talk about this issue because of how important it is to young people and especially because it is always a controversial topic. However, I am not some genius or guru, but, I believe and strongly…

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13 Unjustified Reasons Why (Spoiler-less review of 13 Reasons Why)

Donald Trump isn't a bad guy. Fake news, Covfefe and his other trumped-up punchlines are a testament to that (nope, not at all). Overlooking his Lego boarder ambitions, women are up for 'grabs' mentality and his day-to-day buy-his-way-out-of-it Fortune-500 hundred business, he's actually a decent guy. He's pro-american -- but your favourite meme page on … Continue reading 13 Unjustified Reasons Why (Spoiler-less review of 13 Reasons Why)