Currently reading The Thing Around Your Neck - By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and Listening to Olowogboro - By Nathaniel Bassey. Hey lovelies, today I'm going out of the usual blog content and introducing beauty and skin care blogging into my content.  So I've been having this skin irritation and I've used two or three facial … Continue reading REVIEW – SKIN CARE PRODUCTS.



Depression Depression Depression!!!. It goes way deeper than the word itself and the thought of it. Depression is a common but serious mood disorder, depression doesn't occur as a result of a serious issue or something big, it is occasionally caused by the minor things in life. Depression can be caused by loneliness, feeling of … Continue reading Depression

Grace !

Everyday we come in contact with the word grace, we even go as far as praying "lord I need your grace upon my life" " lord your grace is all I need" "Your grace is sufficient for me". But very few of us actually know what this Grace is all about. You wake up in … Continue reading Grace !

I Affirm !

Today I affirm, grief does not have permission to overtake what I am growing in my garden. Today I affirm to love myself more than I have ever loved. Today I affirm to step in the right direction of happiness, today I affirm to acknowledge my self-worth more than I ever have. Because we live … Continue reading I Affirm !