Exclusive Interview With Polo

Good day lovelies, hope the second day of the week is going as planned for us all. So I came across a great person with such great values and i must say I couldn't keep all i could find out to myself so I'm sharing them with you here. So this person goes by the … Continue reading Exclusive Interview With Polo


Good-bye or Good-night?

Hey lovelies, Good morning and how is your day going. It's 4am and I can't sleep, all i can think of is my blog and how i want it to be really great, how i want this blog to change lives and how i want my blog to become a really great influential blog and … Continue reading Good-bye or Good-night?

13 Unjustified Reasons Why (Spoiler-less review of 13 Reasons Why)

Donald Trump isn't a bad guy. Fake news, Covfefe and his other trumped-up punchlines are a testament to that (nope, not at all). Overlooking his Lego boarder ambitions, women are up for 'grabs' mentality and his day-to-day buy-his-way-out-of-it Fortune-500 hundred business, he's actually a decent guy. He's pro-american -- but your favourite meme page on … Continue reading 13 Unjustified Reasons Why (Spoiler-less review of 13 Reasons Why)