Hey lovelies, hope you are having a lovely week. It’s about the mid time of the week and I am sure you are kicking ass in this week. Welcome to the blog and I hope your spirit is uplifted after reading this.

I’m talking depression today, I know this is a topic that is not popular in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. I wouldn’t actually give depression a definition , depression is dark, its a dark place nobody wants to be in, it’s darker than darkness, no one sees what you’re going through, no one sees your pain, no one sees that you’re in a place experiencing  too much pain, you are shutting everyone out, you are missing out on your prioritized activities, you want to be alone but you’re scared you would harm yourself, you don’t want to go out because you don’t want to be clouded by people and their thoughts, you eat too much because anxiety steps in, you stop eating at a time, you’re locked within the four walls of your room and you’re shutting everyone out.fb0f202a838e61d65a420da57de69ae7

From the outside it’s easy to think the next person has it all figured out and the reason the person acts or displays the way they do is because they think they have it all figured out. Just because I wear make up and I put on that plastic smile (I can smile a lot) and I laugh so loud, just because I have my curls and edges laid,  you think I’m the happiest. Demons aren’t worn on the skin, people assume that if you cannot see it then it’s not really there, as if my pain  should be worn on my face like make up, the most painful and dreadful demons are the ones you cannot even see. We live in a world where no one likes to talk about the tough stuff, because you’re either made fun of or seen as irrelevant and this is what kills a lot of people from the inside.

f284e03258ed9ec0e24cc87c7574fc49Depression is deeper than the eyes can see and the mind can think. Depression is taking a lot of lives. Depression is like getting into a tub for a cool bath and the water drains out after settling in, you feel empty and you can’t seem to reach anything to fill yourself up. The beginning of the solution is to love yourself, I know at this point you don’t think you are worth any kind of love, but you need to love yourself. What causes depression you may ask, breakup, inferiority complex, verbal abuse, violence from a superior, condemnation, being overlooked, pain, negative energy. A whole lot causes depression, if you feel like what I have described above, you need help, talk to some one or you can e-mail me at


This is a depression healing series and it comes up every Wednesdays on this blog. My next post on the depression series would she’s more light on depression and identifying if you are living with depression. U am not a medical practitioner but with my exoerience and healing process through this, i can offer my little advice and help.Help a friend if you can.

Lots of love,

Ibiso ❤



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