It’s about time you loved yourself.

6f774e11e748dde0ee61f2affec9c3f8Hello lovelies, it’s that time of the year again where you’re expected to tag along with a beau or a lover and if you are single, oh well, you should be sad or you should be in your closet praying to God to send you a beau or you start selling yourself short. In as much as I would love to insert the popular phrase “honey this is 2018, nobody got time for that”, i would love to say “let’s be realistic”. This is not the time for you to tag alongside a beau that would cause you days of pain and heartache and sorrow all the days of the situationship or relationship, it’s not the time to be in need of a man or woman that would probably talk you down, it’s not the time you need a man or woman to talk down or betray or hurt, it’s not the time to look for a sex mate, it’s not a time to look for a money making machine, it’s not the time for you to beg for friendships or force friendships, it’s not the time to force conversations,It’s not the time to awake a friendship that has been long buried. It’s time for you to get better.
You see, this Valentine is the time for you to reflect on yourself. What benefit would you get if you spend time with a beau or lover and you are not getting better. When I talk about getting Better,I mean getting better in your finances, getting better in your walk with God, getting better in your relationship with people you come across everyday,getting better in your manner of approach, getting better in your daily routine and your life generally.

You can’t engage in a conversation with someone without concluding it with a fight , you can’t communicate with someone without coming out as rude and arrogant, you can’t be respectful, you can’t get hold of something and make Gold out of it, you can’t come out as being humble? Take a look at all the reasons your past relationships and friendships did not work out and list them out and work on them daily. Most of the time it’s not your partner, it’s you and you don’t have to feel bad about that, you just have to take steps to get better. February 14th was set aside to appreciate the people that mean a lot to you, people you love and people worthy of your love. You are worthy of your love and you are worthy of being celebrated despite your flaws and insecurities and imperfections, now take a glass of wine and start working on yourself. It won’t be easy, but it’s going to be worth it. So today love yourself and start getting better at the areas where you find yourself falling short and remember God loves you more than you can ever think or imagine.

Lots of love,




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