Closed Doors!

Hello lovelies, it’s been a lovely weekend just as the people that follow up with my posts and get touched in one way or the other. I’ve been pushing hard in the gospel because that’s a vibrant part of what keeps me going in my life. One lesson I learnt in the past week or should I rather say before the 365 day January ended is that God will pull you out, take you to the extreme, pull you aside just so he can change your story.
Often times, we do not get what we prayed for or rather, we do not get answers to our prayers the way we envision it. These things all work in the spirit, you want a good life with happiness and you want to be very successful, God will make you uncomfortable first, you know why, things can’t be handed to you just because you pray day and night, you would have to get uncomfortable, you would have to push through. A lot of us pray for open doors, breakthrough and the list goes on but sometimes to get these open doors, some doors have to be closed because they are hindering you from getting to your open doors.

We have all lost something precious to us in one way or the other, and the truth is whatever God takes away from your life, he definitely replaces it with something better and bigger and mightier and greater. You see, whenever I start praying to God to pull me aside and make me better or to change my life, I start loosing a lot of people,people start working out of my life and that’s because they were never assigned to my destiny, they were just part of the journey and their part of the journey was over. I get disappointed but then I’m reminded that disappointments can come in handy as a blessing. So thank God for those closed doors because of he didn’t close them, they would have caused even more damage. Anytime God closes doors he would open many more doors for you. Some doors need to be shut to redirect you to your destiny.

Ibiso ❣❣

2018 💞



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