2017 In A Nutshell

Breathes in , breathes out, eyes shut, holding back tears and laughter (just because I cry and laugh at the same time😂…weird right) contemplating if I should write this or not
Releases deep breath, pick up my phone and start typing.


2017 came with an amazing touch, stumbled and hit the rocks unannounced, I saw myself falling off the ship 🚢 but I was constantly reminded that I could do better.

2017 is an awesome year (because I’m typing this by 6:56pm, on 31st December, 2017, in the living room). 2017 came to conquer. I’ve learnt a ton of lessons this year from trusting no one all the way to realizing that it’s just you at the end of the road. I can say I lived in 2017 because I got responsibilities dropped on my desk, I learnt to fend for myself, I got pushed and motivated several times to do better for myself and the people around me. 2017 came with an amazing touch, stumbled and hit the rocks unannounced, I saw myself falling off the ship 🚢 but I was constantly reminded that I could do better, came with decisions that were tough to make, it came with tears though but not tears I couldn’t handle. I realized who I really am, what I can take and what I can’t, the limits. 2017 was awesome, of course it was not easy, but it has made me stronger.


I’m glad I lived and I’m ready to work harder than ever before and conquer the world

Lessons learnt in 2017
-never compromise your happiness for temporary factors
-You don’t get to choose who is part of your destiny, leave that to God
-People are going to lie to gain your favor and your heart, guard yourself by going to God in prayer consistently.
-If you care what people think about you, you may as well just kill your self because there’s no point living.
-Focus on your career, build an empire, never stop building until you see it in reality
-Read books, travel, spend sometime away from home, have a personal time alone with just you and meditate. It helps a lot
-Pray,Pray,Pray. Ever prayed and you can’t stop? Continue, pray some more, talk to God about anything and everything, he’s everywhere, so pray anywhere and don’t forget to meditate in a quiet place. God cannot talk to you when you’re hyper or in a noisy place. Jesus had to go to silent and private corners and chambers to speak to his Heavenly Father.
-Support people, encourage them, you never know where you may end up
-Whatever you do be consistent and you would see positive results.
-Mind your business 🥂
-Less complaints More Thanksgiving
Stay happy, Happy New Year in addy❤️❤️

Ibiso Ayomide♥️



One thought on “2017 In A Nutshell

  1. sincerelychi says:

    Girl, I was going through my “old” blog, saw your comments and followed the link here. Thank you for always dropping comments on my blog, that was encouraging.

    2017 was a shitty and not so shitty year for me. A lot of growth happened. I lost friends.

    One thing that stood out for me though was the fact that I barely cried. For someone that used to cry for a living, this is a big deal. I’m grateful for everything.

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