Walking Down the Street Called Righteousness.

Every living being undergoes challenges when we decide to walk down this street called Righteousness and I am not talking about going to church, paying your tithe, paying offerings, serving in the church. The context in which I use Righteousness here, solely means to have that covenant with God that you have decided to live for him and base of all your life activities and life on his promises and his words.


Now I won’t tell you it’s easy because I fall short of my part of the covenant I have with God often, it’s been a tough one sticking to the Righteousness street without wanting to turn to the next street. What are some of the possible factors that distract one from staying and sticking to this thing called Righteousness? Some of these factors include Masturbation, lies, stealing, premarital sex or sexual immoralities or would I rather say fornication, bearing false witness, deceit, malice and the list goes on. The funny thing about these distracting factors is that they only give us pleasure for a moment, after which we run back to the giver and head of the Righteousness street. These distracting factors come handy at the point we decide to focus on God, these factors are just there to take us away from our focus.


Every single human being on earth has a calling, I’ve always known my calling to be preaching the gospel and winning souls but for a long long time I allowed myself to be distracted, at the age of 13 I returned to  Christ but I never really lived up to the expectations or what the will of God requires of me until I became 20. The most important thing to note when walking down this street of Righteousness is that it fills you up, it gives you joy, it gives you a feeling that cannot be found in anything else on earth and beyond, there is a supernatural refill that happens to both your spirit man and your soul and your life as well. Making the decision to walk down the path or street of Righteousness is a big decision and the best decision anyone can ever make, ignore the benefits and focus on the effect it has in your life, peace of mind and joy in the spirit is assured and this is something that the distracting factors cannot give you. In unity and all sincerity, pray that God gives you the grace to overcome temptation and helps you stand firm and you must put at the back of your mind that all what these distracting factors can give you is nothing but regret and guilt. So stand firm and place your focus on Righteousness.


2017 is coming to an end and what better way to end it.





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