Broken to Purpose.

Hello lovelies. I’m currently getting mentally ready to read ‘the Prodigal Daughter “ by my all time favourite Author and Gospel preacher – Mrs. Adara Sherron. Before I even start reading this book, it’s being laid upon my heart to share this content with the souls that read this.

A lot of individuals go through tough phases and start asking God questions that imply their doubt about his existence and his grace. It may seem like the world has come crushing right before us, it may seem the world has turned it’s back against us and suddenly become our enemy or it’s us against the world. It may seem as though life has lost its taste or value in our cases but it’s really Us against Ourselves.

There are moments when I’ve  felt this way and even worse and it only gets better when I talk to God. In the bible, God says come to me all those who are heavy laiden and he will give you rest. God didn’t say go to Mr S or Mr T or Miss N for confirmation or advice or for the outpoor of your personal issues. When I speak to God concerning things that are heavy in my heart and mind and head, I  feel this river of peace and calm to the storm flowing through my head to my mind to my soul. A lot of people don’t know the power of a praying individual. But if you feel broken, that is the time that you should pray more, it’s not easy to pray and hope when all seems to be crumbling right before you, it’s not easy to pray and wake up strong when you breakdown everyday because of what you have to go through, no it is not easy but when you boldy pray with a mindset to get through whatever it is you’re going through, you come out stronger than you can ever imagine; this can only be done with God and our stronghold on God.

There’s a gain in every pain, if your pain didn’t make you stronger, it made you wiser, smarter, better. It gave  you a better tomorrow than your yesterday, there’s a purpose in every pain. The gain may not be evident in our lives today but when you see it, you never ever regret it. This is a post to encourage lots of people out there struggling with one pain or the other, one issue or the other and to say that, there’s light at the end of the tunnel, the sun would shine in the morning, there is joy in the morning. God will not let you wallow in pain and turbulence of life without a victory and a purpose at the end. God loves you and he wants the best for you. The thing that broke me brought me to the realization that Jesus loves me so much and cares for me, it made me realise that I need God at every pount of my life, now I live for God because he puts me first and has raised me so high. God bless you.




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