Fighting Battles.


This is where the key to winning your battle resides.

Reading helps a lot, takes you places and gives you experiences as well. Make sure you read at least an article a week- Ib❤

Battles are like personal fights, battles are like personal war fronts that an individual is entitled to face and go through alone, defending him/herself and defeating his or her rival . Battles can be physical or mental, at least this is what society has made us believe. A battle is a combat in warfare between two or more combatants or forces. When you hear about war and the defeat of one party and the win of the other party, you need to understand that in order to win certain measures were taken, certain sacrifices were made , you would  win but in some cases you would loose something as well; no matter how little. In this article, battles represents those circumstances that weigh you down and throw you off balance.

A lot of human beings have to face  battles that only us can conquer, a lot of us have to go through this in so much pain, a lot of us have to fight to make it through. One thing about battles is that, you either come out of it strong or you fail on the battle ground. Often times, we think we can handle whatever battle by ourselves and within our capabilities and this is exactly why so many come out worse than they were and even defeated to no repair. You go through battles that you  know you  can’t conquer by yourself, you know you have to reach out to someone or something,  but you prefer to handle it in your head and this is where defeat starts. I’m not saying you should go to every tom, dick and harry to talk about your battles, my point is you shouldn’t always go through battles alone, speak to God. A lot of you don’t speak to God with Faith, you speak to God about your battles and you still fear, you say to yourself “I don’t think God is going to come through, I don’t think God is going to hear me”. The funny thing is God actually hears you, he listens to you, he sees what you’re doing through and he’s just waiting for you to come to him and ask with faith and he is more than ready to deliver and fight these battles for you.

20171101_210129.pngYou must understand that God can’t speak to you when your spirit is hyper active, God can’t speak to you in a noisy environment, God speaks in the quiet, God speaks I’m a peaceful place. You must learn to observe your quiet time with God and take it seriously. When Jesus was about to pray anytime, he went to a quiet place, Elijah got the revelation of the rainstorm that was coming when he went on the mountain, (1kings 18:41- 19), Moses built a tent far from the camp of the Israelites and that was how and when God spoke to him face  to face. Quiet time with God brings about revelations and guidance and this is what many persons lack and fail to do and they end up being defeated by minor circumstances and battles. Some of the battles you view as something big are actually like pencils in the hands of your creator. You need to start taking the right approach in terms of facing our battles, quit taking your battles to the wrong soldiers, quit bringing in false and wrong soldiers to your war front and start handing it over to God.

This is not an article to say Face your fears, Stand strong or don’t give up, but rather this is an article where I am saying Take it to God and watch him handle it, watch how he would take you through it without stress. I dont know what your battle is; Envy, hate, depression, condemnation, broken heart, failed marriages, singlehood, unsuccessful business, bullying, rejections, indecisiveness, grudge. Name it and talk to God about it, he’s waiting for you.


Ibiso ❤





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