Marraige – Relationships.

I’m intrigued by this topic not just because of the book I’m currently reading but also because of the image that has been painted by soceity about marraige, relationship and courtship. These three things mentioned are a lifetime decision you make, they either make you or break you.

First and foremost, the primary reason for joining together in holy matrimony or legally is Love and Love is a decision you make, love does not just dump itself on you. You make the decision to keep loving someone or to back down. Now marraige is a lifetime decision, it’s not a game, it’s not an occasion, its not an event but a life time decision. Even the bible frowns against DIVORCE, but society has made it so comfortable and okay for a man or woman to walk out on their marraige because it’s not working or there are re-occurring issues.

On relationships, why on earth do people get into relationships without a future plan? For fun? To pass time? To entertain different persons from different backgrounds? What exactly is your primary goal for possibly jumping from one relationship to another? What is your goal for triple dating or quadruple dating? Because double dating isn’t in the game no more. Relationships should help you know whomever you plan on having a future with. Yes I know it’s hard to tell who is real and who is fake, it’s hard to know who is destined for you, but if we all took time to pray and hear from God, a lot of us wouldn’t endanger ourselves.
It’s quite offensive and absurd to see a human being dating more than one, hurting innocent people, causing depressions, suicide attempts. For every man or woman that turned into a player, was once an innocent lover being that was hurt and damaged by one human being. 

After love, comes truthfulness and honesty. I believe sternly in truthfulness. I get into a relationship with all of my truth and if you want to stay; we are going to rock this boat and if not please drop off. Don’t wait till we are at the middle of the sea before you start thinking of dropping off when you know clearly that you can’t drop off until we get to the other end of the sea. No one’s time deserves to be wasted, no one deserves a sad ending, no one wants to be disappointed at the end of the sea, no-one deserves to start over again when to the best of their knowledge, they have found happiness. A lot of drug addicts, sadist, depressed, mentally challenged people are part of the few disappointed in love.

Don’t tell me you’re single at the beginning and tell me you’re in an unserious relationship later, you’re gonna rock your unserious boat alone until you are ready to be serious with me. If there’s no trust, please back down, no one is about to sustain High Blood Pressure because your partner is not trustworthy.

Lastly, love is not with the bodies, it is not physical, you fall in love with souls not the bodies. Don’t say because he’s short or too fat, I can’t marry him. Don’t say he has got a small penis or gigantic penis so I can’t be with him, don’t say she’s got belly rolls and stretch marks so I can’t be with her. Boy I am not about to get into an eating disorder or kill my skin because of you, you either love me amd my body or the shape of my sexual organs the way they are shaped or boy bye. To anyone that lies, hurts, triple date or quadruple date, please slam the door on their faces.

#just because I am tired of all of this






2 thoughts on “Marraige – Relationships.

  1. hephzibahharry says:

    My highlight of this post is where you said that love is a decision. I used to think to love was an uncontrollable act. But I realised through time that you can make yourself love someone for real. Thanks ibiso. Great read!


    • ibiso says:

      Thank you so much. It’s really a privilege to get feedback from you. Love is really a decision, love happens when we decide it’s time to let it happen. Thanks again for this.


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