Exclusive Interview With Polo

Good day lovelies, hope the second day of the week is going as planned for us all. So I came across a great person with such great values and i must say I couldn’t keep all i could find out to myself so I’m sharing them with you here. So this person goes by the name RODNEY SPENCER but is widely known as @Bandopolo on Twitter, he’s a proud father of one, an Entrepreneurial Marketer and Publicist *this should give a hint to you guys why I already love him, because that’s my field plus I love great entrepreneurs😉*.

He started off as a co host on Blockstar Radio with D Redd for about 5 years and they both ventured off and went on their separate journey after the success of Blockstar radio. In five years they booked some of the hottest artist for interviews at that time like Tory lanes,ace hood,mike jones Rocko..etc. He is currently a Publicist for musicians, athletes  popular figures and celebrities. Mr.Rodney has a story to tell, with just one hour verbally communicating with him was not just inspiring but a push and wake up call for me. Growing up in the streets at the age of 15 already made you a man and gave you cuts so deep that even time could not heal; that is the story of this young man. Moving from the streets, no where to sleep, no shelter to run to, he has risen to a high level of fame and success and wealth as well.

Of course I went further to ask who his mentor is. I expected to hear Gucci, Kevin Hart, Drake or one of the popular names, but he got me off guard and said “My greatest mentor would probably be my brother I always wanted to be like my big brother everybody wanted to be like lil Wayne and Gucci mane growing up I wanted to be like my big brother”. This is some really cool thing to say, because, for a second it pierced my heart and i realised that one doesn’t have to be a millionaire or billionaire or popularly known by soceity, most of all..its not their status but their influence or impact they have on others  that matters.

Mr. Rodney’s story would give you a push to life, a reason to see life beyond what only the eyes can see, his story gives you strength to persevere and be more than you can think of, his story is strength, his story is the future. Join me on Twitter as Mr. Rodney shares more insight to his story and throws more light to his growth. You can follow him on Twitter @BandoPOLO

Thank you for your time.

2017 ❤


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