Good-bye or Good-night?

IMG_20170718_145132_156Hey lovelies, Good morning and how is your day going. It’s 4am and I can’t sleep, all i can think of is my blog and how i want it to be really great, how i want this blog to change lives and how i want my blog to become a really great influential blog and not just a regular blog, so to do that, here’s the new deal; I would be blogging 4-5 days a week ( Mondays, Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays + aday for guest bloggers). But that’s not the area of concentration for today.

1corinthians 9:16-18

If you cannot share the Gospel with family and friends why are they even there in the first place? It is a responsibility as a follower of Christ to share the gospel with pleasure 😊😊.If one of you passed on would it be a Good-bye or a Good-night?.

Some of us may have millions of friends, few friends or no friends at all. But we surely do have the people we call family. When you walk into a boutique or a restaurant and the service rendered to you is so genuine and awesome, you commend them, tell your close ties about them and for bloggers you may go as far as blogging about it because that’s what we do. Let me use Uber as an example, when i tried Uber for the first time, i couldn’t wait to tell my friends about its cheap rate. We are so quick to tell our friends and family about all these things but when God steps in and makes a turn around or does something in our life we can’t tell the next person about the wonderful misery of God and further bring this person to God like we would if it were a boutique or restaurant or location for a great picture or something we love. No you’re not a bad person and No, no one is putting a baggage on you that you should preach the gospel but it is your responsibility as a follower and believer of christ to preach the gospel (1Corinthians 9:16-18). If you can’t preach the gospel to your friends then why are they your friends? If you can’t  take them to church and win their souls over to God then why are they called friends and family? If you can’t pray with and for them, then why are they your friends? If your friend died today, If your friend crossed over to the otherside called death would it be a Good-bye or a Good-night. Good-bye simply means you’d never meet that friend again in the Home of Peace and Gold (Heaven) and Good-night simply means, until we meet again in the Home of Peace and Gold(Heaven).  What would it be if one of you passes away? Would it be a Good-bye or a Good-night? Don’t wait until it happens, save their souls, bring them to God. Maybe your friends haven’t been saved because God has put that responsibility in your hands and you’re too scared to take hold of that responsibility. I’d rather loose a friend preaxhing the gospel to them, than loose them forever even in eternity. This was i spired by Pastor Gbenga of Harvesters International Christian Centre and I’ve been pondering so hard on it.

As you get settled at work or as you carry on with today’s activities, win a soul for God and watch other things get added. God bless you.

2017 ❤



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