13 Unjustified Reasons Why (Spoiler-less review of 13 Reasons Why)

Donald Trump isn’t a bad guy. Fake news, Covfefe and his other trumped-up punchlines are a testament to that (nope, not at all). Overlooking his Lego boarder ambitions, women are up for ‘grabs’ mentality and his day-to-day buy-his-way-out-of-it Fortune-500 hundred business, he’s actually a decent guy. He’s pro-american — but your favourite meme page on Instagram will never tell you that. He’s being victimized by his own. Sure it doesn’t help when he makes up his own facts and stats but alot of us do. Believe it or not he is representing the REAL America. Unfortunately, just like HANNAH was protrayed in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, he is the scapegoat for the desperate and needy- for reason, cause and blame.

My appologies this is late, but better late than never– am I right? I’ve got a very tight schedule; in spite of that, I thought it’s time I ressurect my writing career among other things. I had only recently finished watching 13 Reasons Why on Netflix (ROTFL, torrents I mean). After receiving numerous suggestions I decided to help myself to a handful of this popular platter. And my reaction? Stunned, but at the same time unperturbed. Why is it so popular? Other than the mature topic of suicide, this dish also has a few special ingredients that made it a stand out story compared to most other ones we know of. And yes, you the reader, have heard and read many stories. You have your own stories too. Some even more dramatic than this one. But why do so many of us have our hands oily from this particular plate? Simple answer; it’s got a very dramatic martyr as well as an equally dramatic emphasizer. Hannah would be nothing without Clay and vise versa. Hannah’s story was rather tragic but imagine if Marcus or Courtney played Clays role – the fixated emphasizer? Marcus claimed to have listened to all 13 tapes in one night, and we all know Courtney is conceited, selfish and cowardly so are no chances with her. I believe the Hannah-Clay combination is what has gotten all of us obsessed. I mean come on, have you read or watched The Perks of Being a Wallflower? Its just as good and something rather ‘vague’ about its ending is why its just as popular– though only in the realm of novels. Its key elements weren’t brought on screen. So while 13 Reasons Why is praised on every platfrom out there, The Perks of being a Wallflower is only praised on Good Reads. That reminds me, I owe the website a compelling review.

Now, let’s REALLY dig in. Appetizers are the best inticers. Remember, there are no spoilers in this review. There’s alot of debate on who should be watching this series. If you haven’t heard, its rated M for mature audiences. I won’t mind if you swerve my party pooper vibe here. Perhaps it could do more good than harm if teens are legally allowed to watch it. I have no clue what the age restrictions are for the book so I won’t mention it. This is a review on only the 13 episode Netflix hit as made clear AF above. So to further wipe your lenses, this is a drama series about TEENS for ADULTS. Yeah, bummer. But no one is stopping you from pirating it off Piratebay.org (don’t question my ethics before you question yours).

A friend of mine pointed out to me a few weeks ago that there may be a reason for everything BUT, there is not always be justifiable ones. From a business perspective there may be an oversupply of reasons why, but there is a scarcity of justification. There’s a difference. And I advise that if you haven’t learnt that, learn it. Most of us may already know this subconsciously and I’m proud to finally help convert your obscure philosophy into plain sentences. I hope my friend was just as proud when he did the same for me.

Hannah, just like Trump was the victim and scapegoat to the problems people had with themselves and/or anything else. Whether it was for the desperate search for relevance, fitting-in, self-esteem, pain relief, sexual satisfaction, scapegoating, vengeance, short-term comforts, social and/or physical security, these people should not have done what they did. The show goes to lengths and, perhaps, beyond alot of its audiences boundaries to emphasize on what shouldn’t have been done and what should’ve been done. But dually note: don’t be a jerk and try not to be fazed by jerks. Perhaps some catalysts to her suicide were unimportant and no different from what everyone goes through and that she’s just being a drama queen. However, it is worth noting that we all have our different evaluations of what matters to us; of what fazes us. So the solution? Reevaluation. At the point where one is about to do it, they are in a certain mindset. Perhaps with no choice. If that is so, then play it safe from the start. Learn how to on time becase nothing really justifies taking your own life.

Dessert. I like me some sugar. But the truth isn’t always so, so when it is may still not be enough for alot of us; hence why we tend to add sugar to an already sweetened treat. Diabetics, the lot of us are prone to become. If by only analysing the motives against the possible reasons why those things happened to her, she would not only still be alive, but would be as happy as can be. Some of the things that happened to her were partially her fault and it would have done her good to have at least acknowledged this fact –the truth– in its entirety. Sure, she was the victim of the butterfly effect (I can relate) but that doesn’t mean one should be part of it –you don’t have to be affected. Killing yourself, what a sad way to go. It starts with ripples and its terrible because she had the chance to dodge the wave and opt for a tan on the beach, but no. A reason why people avoid the truth is because it’s bitter. What retard loves that taste (unless its dark chocolate then you’re on point)? But if one were to, I don’t know, become accustomed to it, lick it up, down, left and right, does it not become insipid? Does the burn not become endurable and as a result, powerless? Why do we prefer to instead opt to numb and filter aspects of our being and reality with drugs, alcohol, etc. Its hard and I can’t say I always fair well so there are countless times I’ve been the hippy hypocritical hippo at the waterhole. No one’s perfect. But the least we can do is try. Hannah should’ve realised that and the fact that perhaps due to the butterfly effect, those jerks avoiding their own truths chose her as a relief and scapegoat. It’s a tragic irony when the lion falls to not another, but to a tiny snake bite. But she deteriorated up to the extent that she let things happen not because she was unfazed, but because she stopped loving herself and seeing things for what they really are. You can’t hate someone after you choose to understand them. If your misery is one of someones main sources of happiness, spare them your sword. Love your enemy– or at least be sympathetic. Keep that fragile sheet of glass somewhere safe (away from your hammers) and if its broken parts still cover the ground, remember, that it may have not have been your choice that it’s on the floor, but its your choice to step on it. If it is what it is, then it can’t be what it’s not. So accept it, respect it. Even the offender of the worst reason Hannah killed herself doesn’t deserve to be told that they were the reason/s for someones suicide. That sort of thing is never justifiable. Let’s be real.

I understand that was a heavy meal. Drinks on me. Not the sweetest cuisine, but I hope it was succulent and filling. Now I have alot of close people to me who admitted that they cried after watching it or couldn’t even get past a certain episode but this is life and you can’t live in denial forever. At the end of the day, there aren’t reliable substitutes for the truth. Embrace reality. Grab that bull by the horns and if you can’t subdue it, opt to become its rider. I’m currently at Mugg & Bean contemplating whether I should sue them for giving me a headache with their coffee — so I’m outie. It had to be a cool-story-bro affair because not all of us are fortunate enough to grasp the concise version of this. Nonetheless, may the word be enough for the wise.

Jonathan Odusanya
IG, SC and TW: slick_mode


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