Why I Can Never Be A Tribalist.

Tribalism should be condemned

Just as the water washes away everything written on the sand, we should wash away tribalism and rivalry between tribes from our minds. It’s no longer the colour of our skin that distinguishes and kills us but now our tribes and origin. This is 2017 and tribalism is one of such things that should be dropped before we get into 2018. We are one in Christ and we are one nation, drop all hatred and rivalry. Thank you

Tribalism is the state of being organized in or an advocate for a tribe or tribes. In terms of conformity, tribalism may also refer in popular cultural terms to a way of thinking or behaving in which people are loyal to their own tribe or social group. Tribalism can be said to tribal consciousness and loyalty; especially exaltation of one’s tribe above other groups.

Racism is prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior. In this context, tribalism doesn’t defer from racism, take out race and replace with tribe. Why do we condemn or judge the Whites for Racism and applaud or do not see any faults in Tribalism? Are we not a nation, and so therefore shouldn’t we all be one? Are we not one race? Are we not all created by God? Why then is there a line that separates tribes? Why then is there a race that one can associate with and one can’t be seen around?

I don’t see any reason why I as a Kalabari Indigene shouldn’t get married to someone of the tribe of Yoruba or Edo or Delta or Igbo or Efik, or even be close friends with them. Why? I need answers. Soceity has made it normal to stick to your tribe or to condemn other tribes just because our fore-fathers did. This is a phenomena that should stop, this is a phenomenon that should come to an end once and for all. Words on the streets say Igbos are rude and love too much money (who doesn’t love money please? Being rude or polite is something of the mind,I’ve seen Kalabari, Yoruba,Hausa,Efik indigenes being rude as well), Edos are made up of witches and wizard (what tribe doesn’t have these amongst them? Which tribe is purely made of born again Christians?), Efiks are good sexually ( I don’t know how you’d have great sex regularly and not be excellent sexually, practice makes perfect. I’ve never gotten intimate with an Efik before and I think it all starts with the mind, your mind is the controlling force here).

Throwback to when I spoke at a just concluded conference about my emotions for a Yoruba indigene and a Pastors’ comment was “forget it, the tribal difference is too much, Yoruba and Kalabari can’t work. Don’t you see the tribal difference’. To be honest, I was shook at the comment by this man, I thought as Christians winning souls for God we are supposed to become ONE? But then he is only human and being a Pastor does not mean you’re perfect. But if I bring an English man and present to the soceity, the first thing that troops off of the lips of this so-called soceity is ‘Awww you guys are going to make great kids with love struck eyes’ or ‘hmmmm Oyinbo, where you catch this one from nau’. What is this and what are we doing to our nation? Tearing apart or building together, if you cant see equality in tribes, please kindly keep shut when the issue of Racism is being discussed. We are killing and dividing ourselves and this should stop. This is 2017, upgrade and don’t downgrade.


10 thoughts on “Why I Can Never Be A Tribalist.

  1. SKILLS says:

    Talk about tribalism, constantly diving and causing unnecessary problems . I am from Ìjẹ̀bú ode and all I hear is, your husband must be from ijebu ode too blah blah blah not even from Ibadan? The white man is king in any man’s country . #sadtruth

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