Prayer  comes with the heart, prayer calms all storms, prayer is the answer to every question.Prayer has only just been the sustainer of my life. While prayer makes me cry, makes me happy, makes me calm, makes me wild. Prayer does a lot of things to me that I cannot fathom in words. Prayer gives me the feeling that can never be expressed in just words, it makes me full, it leaves me with nothing to complain about no more.  Prayer changes the person who prays, prayer changes your way of thinking, prayer changes your beliefs, prayer changes a person who prays consistently 100 + 1%. You cannot pray fervently and still live a miserable or confused life, prayer is just the calm to the tribulations you face.

So many stories of Christians and Gospel bloggers or advocates state that they were deep in the world or sinful acts or states that they have a horrible past, no I don’t have a horrible past, I’ve never been in a condition or situation that I didn’t want to be; well apart from heartbreaks which I’ve come to only realise that they are minor compared to what people have gone through and above all what God was preparing for me. You don’t need a horrible story to get close to God, on the other hand your horrible story can’t take God away from you. But if you never open your mouth or your heart to talk to God and let him in, you never ever get better,there’s apparently a stagnancy in growth.

Like I said earlier I do’nt have a horrible past or a past that makes my love for God amazing, but I partook of events and acts that my agemates wouldn’t date do or think of as well as what my seniors were doing. Take note that I’ve always been a Christian (going to church, fasting alongside my family, morning and evening devotions, church programmes, always involved in things of christ) but I never knew God at all, I never had the feeling of God inside me, I never knew what it meant to be with God, I never knew what communication with God really meant. Prayer bridged the gap.

In a year I’ve learnt that Prayer is the only way with which I can talk to God. I always had the motive that God takes time to answer the requests of Christians, but a year of prayer has taught me that God delights in our constant communication with him, prayer is the ladder that gets us closer to God, that helps us hear from God. You may ask how does prayer help you hear from God, I may not be able to answer to your satisfaction but I’ve come to the realisation that whenever I pray I’m at peace, I’m at a calm, the kind of calm Jesus gave to the stormy sea. I tend to make the best decisions of my life, I tend to hear very well from God when I pray. I tend to have this confidence and enthusiastic spirit towards anything I’m pursuing at that time of my life. My life is not perfect as I’ve made prayer consistent in my life, i still go through life like every other creature of God, i still cry and get sad,but prayer has given me strength to overcome and get through it easily. Make sure you empty your heart tunnel when you pray and watch him refill it up with testimonies.

2017 ❤


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