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Hey lovelies, today I’m going out of the usual blog content and introducing beauty and skin care blogging into my content.  So I’ve been having this skin irritation and I’ve used two or three facial cleanser, facial wash and facial scrub and I would be reviewing three of them which is posted below.


Dermatologist tested


  1. ST.IVES APRICOT SCRUB:-20170712_165158  This scrub is very good and very effective. I started using it in the first week in June and I experienced great improvement, my skin was smooth and lighting up. I had a morning and night time routine, and a dranka moderate amount of water. It took away all my blemishes and I didn’t experience any acne of any sort until that time of the month.
  2.  AVENO ACTIVE NATURALS :- 20170712_152948-01This product right her is the bomb. It doesn’t only take away your blemishes, but it gives my face this shiny and glowing effect after using it and throughout the day. I used this product in the month of May before I even discovered St.Ives Apricot Scrub. At that point I had the little unwanted acne on my forehead and it wasn’t that time of the month (This acne came because I used a moisturizer that wasn’t right for my skin, this is why it is good to know what’s good for your skin ).  And I used this scrub and in weeks i jad a ckear and shiny skin. I had my brother and mother asking me what I was using 😂😂😂. I was glowing. This scrub can also be used to exfoliate.
  3.  NEUTROGENA OIL-FREE ACNE WASH  :- 20170712_161949This one right here has been doing the magic for me since I was 16 years. I have always loved this, this is a go-to facial wash for the ladies in my family, but continued using it because it works for my skin. It makes your skin soft and is good for oily skin ( this girl right here has oily face 101%). It’s  not just in the name, because I mean we have all heard of NEUTROGENA products and how they do the magic and leave your face spotless, it does the magic, it is very effective and has worked over the years for me. But it doesn’t take away acne when it’s that time of the month. My skin has never felt more fresh since I returned to NEUTROGENA oil-FREE.

Side effects of Neutrogena oil-free acne wash along with a scrub or facial cleanser or facial wash that is specialised in taking out acne, or any topical acne medication. I used this alongside the St.Ives Apricot Scrub and I must say I got facial irritations every time. I stopped a while and used only the former and my skin was coming back to its glowing state and immediately I resumed the application of a topical acne medication myvface would itch and get rough.  The idea is to know what works for your skin and stick to it. All these products are amazingly awesome and effective.

If you want to see more about beauty and skin care routine, please leave your opinions in the comment section below or send an email to

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