Monday Motivation.

Currently reading The Thing Around Your Neck – By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Quite sure most of us woke up feeling determined, responsible, enthusiastic and on the other hand some of us woke up feeling discouraged, sad, unachieved, and everything that comes with it.

Failure and success are two things that come in handy, to achieve success you have to go through some phases in life and put in hard work. No you must not fail to succeed but whereby you fail don’t give up, you weren’t born by magic, it took you nine solid months to be properly formed and fit for this earth, you don’t just get hungry and see food right on your table, it goes through the process of cooking before it’s ready to be eaten by you, everything has a process, while some first attempts may incure failure others incure success. Nevertheless, don’t give up, don’t relax, don’t look down on



As easy as it may be to say, its difficult to do, but keep pressing forward, stay consistent. It’s okay to break down, but don’t stay there too long. Looking forward to becoming an author and your first book was not a success? Write another one, keep writing until you get better. Want to become an actress and it seems you don’t have what it takes? Practise until you become what it takes, Want to become a model? Fake it till you make it, do  lots of shoots, read about it, at your leisure time catwalk around your house. Want to be a makeup artist, go to a make up school or better still watch YouTube videos and self-practise until you’re better. Want to become a Freelance Journalist ( a news writer) form a news worthy idea in your head, draft your headline, your lead and construct a catchy story (read about the different styles of news stories, read about writing news stories, read about first day and second day news).

What do you want? When you answer this question, then start practising, Practise makes Perfect, everyday take a step until you get there. You cannot wake up and be the world’s best or make history while sleeping and sulking in self pity and self abandonment. Every role model of yours started somewhere and no they did not give up else they would not be your role model. A journey of a thousand miles starts from one step. What if you’ve failed countlessly? Well start again and this time don’t count. And this time pray hard, like never before, spend time with God too and tell me if your success story won’t change.


Thank You ❤


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