#depression#thebloggerpointboss#blogger#help#reachout#mentalillness#cure#seekhelpDepression Depression Depression!!!. It goes way deeper than the word itself and the thought of it. Depression is a common but serious mood disorder, depression doesn’t occur as a result of a serious issue or something big, it is occasionally caused by the minor things in life. Depression can be caused by loneliness, feeling of being isolated, excessive weight gain. Other causes of depression could be inability to succeed, the feeling of not being wanted, heartbreak and the list goes on.

Depression is the thing of the mind, depression steps in and it manipulates your mind, it entertains you with all the negative thoughts that could possibly surround your situation, it slowly eats you up, slowly, you find yourself not wanting to be around people, your appetite would revolve around sleep, crying and the cycle continues. While in others the cycle maybe sleep, eat, cry  and repeat. DO NOT confuse introvercy with depression, while an introvert loves their space and finds solace in alone time, a depressed person longs to be alone to sink in the sad and negative thoughts that could possibly be hovering around their head.

Depression is real, Depression exists. Depression is not just a term that was coined out by foreign medical practitioners but it is a serious factor to be dealt with. About 60% of humans around you are going through some sort of depression, so many deaths have been recorded as a result of depression. In some cases depression can lead to a severe mental illness, depression can cause you to loose your mind. The first step to tackling depression is accepting that you are depressed, reach out to someone and talk about it; releasing it is an effective way of coming out of that shell. Just find someone you can trust and lean on.

For every individual that reaches out to you to talk to you, doesn’t matter who you are, what you are, what you’re made of, give them a shoulder to lean on and heal (without sending mixed signals if you’re an opposite sex), be there for them. It doesn’t change who you are and doesn’t take anything from you. You could be saving a life. **Don’t ever play with the emotions and feelings of a depressed person, you’re causing more harm than good, but what do people care these days, since their only business is to satisfy their self-pleasure**. Help stop depression today, you could be saving a life.

Thank You.



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