It is Who You Are.

Hey lovelies, greetings from West Africa ❤❤. So as usual, most of the ideas I share on this platform is usually as a result of meditating on God’s word (my bible which is my favourite kind of book if I can call it that, it changes you and teaches you greatly,  if you’re confused on where to start from, start from the new testament).


At the end of the day, it’s just you alone, do you want to become what hurt you or you want the world to learn from you with being just who you are and not changing for vengeance sake.

Often, we get hurt, abused, mistreated, abandoned, insulted,  overlooked and ignored by the people that may be dear to our hearts or just acquaintances . In most scenarios, some of us take to revenge,  take to acting just the same,  because we want to see that person hurt just like they hurt us. What’s the benefit in that, it just ends up in bitterness.

Could it be that your friend was rude to you?  Or your friend insulted you? Or you felt ignored by someone you could possibly love? Or you feel used by an opposite sex or even your friend? Or you feel you are being taken for granted??? And you want to do just same thing to the person that caused that pain to you? It’s not worth it, never has been and never will be.

When you take vengeance into your hands, you become what hurt you, first rule; don’t ever become what hurt you, because you end up changing to an entirely different person. You definitely get to a point and you’ll start wondering, ‘is this really me?’ ‘ how did I become this person’. At the end of the day it should be about who you are, it should be about your morals and principles, don’t let anyone change that for you,  don’t give anyone the power to alter your life principles.

If they mistreated or ignored or insulted or gossiped or took you for granted or used you, the best you can do is let them go and let it go, it’s not as easy as it sounds. But at the end of the day you are still who you are. But revenge only causes you to see what hurt you in you, how many persons in quest for revenge have actually maintained their principles or retain happiness in them. Revenge is a by-product of bitterness and hate, it changes you automatically. You have the power to heal faster and get over what hurt you by being who you are and not what hurt you.
God bless you.



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