Grace !


Grace has made it available, Faith makes it accessible, Prayer connects you. That’s the cycle. Grace has already completed the work, you need faith to grab it. GOD BLESS YOU 💞

Everyday we come in contact with the word grace, we even go as far as praying “lord I need your grace upon my life” ” lord your grace is all I need” “Your grace is sufficient for me”. But very few of us actually know what this Grace is all about.

You wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is think of what to eat or what workouts to do, Grace gave you the opportunity to see another day, You go for an interview and you feel you didn’t pull it off but you’re still given the job, your might or power didn’t do that, Grace did that, You’re not a born – again but yet you speak in tongues and you heal the sick, Holy ….that is soooooo Graceeeeeee. Everyone is trying out a particular trade and you try it out and you see yours growing speedily….that is grace. You’re able to do things that in human sense you’re not capable of doing….that my dear is grace. To be able to start a project and see its end is the Grace of God.

Grace is god putting you to sleep while he goes to work, Grace says “don’t worry child, I got this, don’t fret, but you must believe”. Grace works handy with faith, grace cannot be in your life or part of your life if you don’t believe and Faith without works is dead. That’s the cycle

Grace ➡Faith ➡ Works.

Try praying about something you want so bad and believe God is going to do it, man up your faith and see if you’ll still procrastinate or be lazy about it. I don’t know about you, but I speak for myself,  when i go on my knees to pray on something I believe would happen (because I am speaking to my creator), after praying i just get this motivation to put a little work, I just can’t sit back and relax or say “I’ll do it later”. Often times after praying i say to my self I want to do better, I want to influence so many persons, I want to make history and i start reminiscing om my goals and i come up with ways to start and steps to take that will make me and my set-goals cross paths. God is not a fan of procastinators or procastination itself.

Grace is not performance rated, NO, it’s not based on how much your offering is or how much your tithe is, or how much you’ve given to the church, or what you do or how much you dance in church or take part in church activities, when you rate Grace based on performance it becomes void. Grace is God’s riches at Christ’s expense. Grace is the pot of food that has been cooked, Faith is the spoon that dishes.

Grace has made it available,  faith makes it accessible,  but if you never talk to the father you can never access it. Listen carefully,  God already completed the work for you even before you were born, therefore, God cannot disappoint you because he already completed the work.


God bless you.



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