Praise and Worship.


Worship sees the immunable things of God. Worship says though I don’t get get new pair of shoes I will worship you because of who you are, though you slay me I will trust in you because you are a faithful and merciful God. 

Hey lovelies, Good day. Hope we are all fine and kicking whatever it is we have in front of us. Yeah I am fine, getting stronger spiritually and figuring out ways to tackle my set goals. But today I got something on my mind. It’s on Praise and Worship. What is Praise and What is Worship?

In actual sense we see Praise as a fast song and Worship as a slow song. My experience as God’s servant has taught me a whole lot on Praise and Worship than the human eye can see. Both Praise and Worship is aimed at giving Glory to God. Praise is not a fast song and Worship a slow song, NO. Praise is … thank you for giving me this new car, I appreciate, you are awesome, I asked for this job and you gave me, you healed me when I was sick and I called upon your name. Now Worship is … I don’t have a car, I haven’t gotten what I requested, I’m not where I am but God thank You, I Love you , I don’t have a new car but I will love you forever. Worship makes us see the immunable things of God. Guess what, the devil hates it when this happens and no one can worship God for you, anyone can intercede in Prayer for you but no one can do that in Worship. Worship is God’s food, don’t starve him, that’s the best way to connect with him. What are you waiting for, wherever you are right now, seated, walking, laying down, eating,dancing, crying, whatever you’re doing begin to worship and give God praises. God bless you.

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