2016-Motivational Year 2

Throughout 2016 I came across a lot of blogs,  mainly fashion blogs and it discouraged me a whole lot.  I kept saying to myself ‘are you sure you can do this?  Are you sure you can have a diverse number of audience? ‘.  I decided to go back to the reason why I started off this blog and it wasn’t for the fame,  not for popularity, not for wide audience traffick but for the primary purpose of reaching out to people that need daily motivation and inspiration and secondarily to improve my writing skills for a much more greater dream than just writing.

The devil has so many ways of trying to get into the mind of a child of God,  seeing fashion blogs all over the net,  all over so many social media platforms,  I was so so so discouraged. I thought for a second, the internet is occupied with fashion blogs and less of motivational blogs with a ratio of 7:3 so how do I inspire people,  how do I get to be a source of motivation and I ran to God as usual and he gave me courage to press forward.

My blogging experience in 2016 was filled with so much joy and excitement and then discouragement and giving up and then full dose of courage and determination and testimonies.  Challenges are going to come, trials  and tribulations are going to come,  you can’t defeat them or run over them on your  own,  you need God you need to have a strong grip on him,  you need to be determined and hardworking.

Make sure at the end of 2017,  you’re writing a story on strength.

Make it a motivational year for yourself. Happy New Year.

2016 ❤


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