2016 – Motivational Year 1

Compliments of the season my dear readers.  Best of wishes in this season of the year.

Few months ago I came across a very beautiful and attractive storey building with the name of the company attached at the top of the building and it threw something unusual down my chest (questions kept troubling my mind as to why i haven’t gotten  where I want to be,  more like I was wasting my life away) and I said to my self ‘one step at a time young lady’.  I started blogging as a means to enhance my writing skills and to inspire and motivate various persons at large. Looking back to how I started and how far I’ve come, I’m more than grateful to God almighty and to my family and all my readers and followers on here. It’s been a wonderful year for me and on that note I’ll give a word of motivation

‘Don’t give up, don’t be in a haste,  don’t compare yourself to others,  don’t envy, don’t hate… just take it one step at a time and trust in God and meditate and communicate with him daily as you breathe and in time you’ll get there.

Happy New Year.





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