What Life Holds📑

Life is just a journey, with each passing phase being tough or simple. Whichever one you find yourself in, make good use of it, don’t just pass it and derive nothing close to a lesson from it.

Do you ever sit down and meditate on how you want your life to be?

Do you ever sit down and meditate on the goals you want to achieve? Do you ever sit down and think; ‘what do I want to do?’ ‘How do i do this’.

It is no longer time for sitting and burying yourself in negative thoughts, self-pity, tears and depression but it is the time when you stand up and go get what you want, you stand up and work towards that one year or five year goal plan. Life doesn’t just display what you want, life doesn’t come out like you dream of. But waking up determined, moving towards your goals through the numerous activities required, not giving up, saying NO to discouragements,pushing through your daily fasting and prayers, meditation with God, pushing hard to attain your level of success or your goals….My dear that’s what life is about.

Until you come to the mere realization of this, then you can scale through this stage we call life.

Now is the time to rise up and fight,fight in your attitude to work and attitude to succeed, now is the time to know what you really want and go get it. The sun won’t wait for you, the sun will come out in the morning.

2016 ❤


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