The Wait💰

So today, after carrying out activities that were tiring and very stressful I decided to embark on a semi-long journey back to my hostel. As my field of activities was a distance from my hostel, I was so tired, with this weak feeling lingering around my stomach and with this heavy one-sided headache. Sweating profusely, I headed to the bus station, waiting for a bus going my way which was Mile 7 round about, about 1hour from the station. Buses were passing but weren’t going my direction, if i followed the bus going to Achimota old-station (bus station closer to my destination) I would have to get another bus thus , paying double the transport fare .


The Wait 💰

I decided to wait a little, every  little time I told my self to wait, another bus passed without going to my final destination, and that made me even more tired and agitated and booooom there was the bus going my destination and alas I was happy. But I was amazed seeing the crowd rushing into the bus and I said to myself, ‘no way I’m not gonna let this bus go just like that’ and I pushed through and got myself one of the front seats close to the bus conductor (or mate as they call it in this side of the world- Accra, Ghana). As I sat down I knew it was worth it. I felt so proud of my self, because for the first time I struggled for a bus seat and I didn’t have to stand longer or pick a taxi which would be too much expenses with the current situation of our economy.

This is what life is about, so often we are impatient and follow the wrong path and take longer in getting to our desires destination and for those of us who are patient enough to wait, we need to start grabbing opportunities and pushing through to reach the desired goal/destination. Just be determined like the passenger that struggles to get a sit on a bus ✌✌✌✌

It’s always worth it, 👍👍





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