It’s about that time🙇


Its time to move on and be about greater things .

So last month I indulged in talking about a young-caring lady and that was because she made some steps towards me that passed the wrong signals and I said some wrong things about her which I shouldn’t have. I ended up telling her those things personally to her ears, but I didn’t tell her the same way i told my two other gossip/talk-mates. There was no sort of anger or disgust in my voice or tone while I told her.  She got another story from one of my talk-mates and got really mad and resorted to saying so much words that I felt embarased hearing at the time she uttered them out of her mouth.

So what if i just told her personally my negative or ill thoughts about her or just not said nothing at all, but rather resorted to God. Some words wouldnt have been said right. Here is what im saying, talking about people does no shit to them, doesnt add value or subtracts the same from them, they are still same people and they grow and get better while you sulk in anger and self-grudge with them. 


Life is so much more than sitting down to talk negatively about an individual, go out and pursue those great dreams of yours. No need to keep your circle small, get you a full stop 🙇

Whether talking about people is for fun or expressing how you feel or probably just a hobby or to take away boredom please don’t do it, you’re gonna be called names and thus despised for the wrong reasons. Sometimes keeping shit and observing is the best.


If you’re in this shoes where you’ve talked about someone and gotten misunderstood or insulted in the process, take heart you’re not the first neither will you be the last, here is what you should do, be to yourself and thats how you better yourself. Don’t even gossip or make people the subject of your conversation with your friends be the attitude or character or lifestyle about someone. Confronting the individual in person saves a while lot of damage and shit.

Lastly those who involved themselves in the convo ain’t gonna say the shit they uttered, either they gonna say you said all the shit or they gonna act like they said nothing.

Be wise, these days the small  circle you create is too big, all I need is a full stop.

God bless you .



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