Never let Go 👀

Gen 32 vs 24- 30

This is a short passage of Jacob wrestling with an Angel of God and the Angel demanded to be released from the wrestle with Jacob and Jacob replied saying “I will never let you go until you bless me”.


Prayer isbthe key

Now so many of us get hit by serious life challenges and when we get to the presence of God we just spend 10 minutes closing out eyes without properly letting our heart out to him,  without letting him know what our problem is.  (When you get an opportunity to be in God’s presence sorship him like never before, pour out your heart to him, thank him like never before, because No its not your right to be in his lresence but Yes a privilege to be alive in his presence) .

FB_IMG_1472403511878.jpgYes he knows all but it states in the bible, make your requests known unto God and he shall answer, call on him and he shall answer, cast all your cares upon the Lord cause he cares for you and he knows what you’re going through.
Secondly we get hit by goliaths which is purposely for realizing or bringing out the  David in us. But we tend to give up on God and use another means to get rid of Goliath which doesn’t remove Goliath comepletely. Jacob said I will never let you go unless you bless me, he was ready to hold unto that angel of God until he received his blessing, you should never stop praying, never ever, hold unto God firmly and he will amaze you. What is it? A job you didn’t get? Project work you’re finding difficulty in? Illness that won’t heal? That business that wont grow?
God knows and sees all, but difficulties and challenges give us the strength for what is ahead.
Don’t stop that prayer,  praise,  worship, dancing until God pushes away that Goliath or opens the next door.
Dance in the hallway  until God opens the next door. God is looking for a patient  and commited servant, the blessing that awaits you at the end of that hill, hilly road  or rough road is much more than what impatience can give you.



Hold onto him and do not let him go until he causes a miracle in your life.

God bless you.


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