Giving up is not an option🎇


Time is everything, and time works handy with patience. Don’t be patient and lazy round about your dreams. Time, patience, hard work and dedication works handy. All this together is your drive to success ✌🍷

It’s not a new thing that an individual undergoes  several struggles and trials in his/her attempt to accomplish goals or see their dreams and ideas a reality. We get to a point where we feel nothing more can be done to attain success on a particular dream/idea. We resort to giving up and changing our dreams  and vision. We feel there is so much to accomplish and very few years in which to do it all that we’ve become addicted to instant everything.

It took Abraham 25years to receive his divine promise of his heir, Isaac. Some of us try out something for a month, a year, few weeks and because we can’t catch our audience we decide to give up. Thats where failure and regrets come,  after so many years of giving up on that dream you thought won’t turn out great . Often the stories of great minded people push us to go extra lengths in making our dreams/ideas a reality and suddenly we fall off the cliff because of lack of patience

Most of the phenomenal women (Oprah Winfrey , Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union, Yvonne Nelson , Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Uche Jumbo, ) and great men  (T.D  Jakes, Bishop David Oyedepo, Joseph Prince,  Joel Osteen, and so much more) did not get to where they are today at the snap of their fingers. They all struggled, they all got to a breaking point, to a point where they thought they couldn’t continue but they pushed themselves through it.

So no giving up is not an option if you want to be successful in any area of your life. Patience, dedication and hard work are key to your success gate. So start saying YES to patience, dedication and hard work and NO to giving up and ending up in regrets.
And one moajor thing to include in your journey to success is God, one prayer, one hour with him, talking to him, giving him your all can change a lot in your life.

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