Happy Sunday lovelies, today I’m not gonna talk about not giving up or pressing forward but I’m gonna talk about gratitude. Often times we get up from our beds and go out and we are absent in accident scenes or robbery scenes, we loose close company to death, people walk out of our lives, we miss some opportunities, so many things happen to us which is a mixture of positivity and negativity. But we don’t give thanks to God. Nothing ever happens naturally or coincidentally, God always knows when something is about to happen and either let’s it happen or stops it from happening. When God let’s negative things happen to you, he does that for a reason, he uses it to strengthen you, he uses it to prepare you for something great and better. For instance, you’re facing a period where you have no means of funds, no one is helping you, you can’t get it somewhere else. When you pass through this stage of no means of funds, God blesses you with funds from no where and have you ever noticed how Happy you are and how much you thank God for giving you those funds??? Do you recall how you dance and jump and you are so full of joy because of the funds you have received?. That sorta joy wouldn’t have come, that sorta joy and appreciation and gratitude wouldn’t have come if God didn’t make you fund-less. So when you’re going through a dark tunnel remember that there’s a reason why, remember it’s always to strengthen you, remember it’s for a purpose, no matter how long it takes don’t stop giving God thanks for all that’s going on in your life ( positive and negative) because there’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

Have a lovely Sunday, Much Love💕💕💕



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