Hey lovelies. Some days you wake up and discover you’re so empty and sad , and you start thinking about the goals you’ve written down and how you ain’t even 20% close to them and how much your life isn’t in order at the moment and you can’t help but cry.

Life isn’t always fair to us, we get tested so many times, friends turn thier backs, some fake friends come in, relationships gets destroyed or possibly has a sad ending, we loose loved ones, we get hurt and cry and cry out our lives out. But this isn’t just the way to handle trying times, crying is expected but hey buddy, you can’t sit and cry and expect something better to happen or expect to be stronger. You have the power to move on, you have the power to decide if this is gonna be a challenge that rose you up or brought you down. The secret to a happy life is taking everything that knocks you down as a bigger reason to fight back, as a greater reason to fight and move forward. if it’s a friendship break up or a relationship break up with your lover, or you lost a loved one, or you havent achieved your goals or loneliness or whatever it is making you unhappy, you have the power to get over it and move on. Talk to God, there’s  nothing God can’t do. .



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