I’m Back👧💃

Hello lovers of my blog, it’s been a while I dropped something here and it’s because i have been busy lately, that’s not an excuse tho 🙈. Well I hope everything has been good so far and you have not gone out of line in making yourself happy and fulfilled.


Don’t ever give up on God. Because he hasn’t started with you. He has a larger size of blessing in store for you that would make people know you serve a living God. When you feel down and when you feel happy pray, pray at all times. – ❤ Ibiso Kio-

Today I want to share something really vital. You should never put all hope in one man because man (female and male) can and will fail you. But God never ever fails he might delay (which is for your own benefit ) but he can never fail you. Secondly happiness is found only in God. When you improve in your service to God he never stops blessing you, protecting you, preserving you and guiding you. I want to use this medium to urge each and everyone reading this post right now to never give up on God.  Yes!!!! You may be in your darkest moments and it seems God is not watching or seeing all the truth is he sees everything but if you don’t pass through dark places how do you appreciate the light.


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