Life Goes On🎇

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls . Laying on my comfortable, soft and warm bed yesterday before I dozed off; so many thoughts and ideas came on board and am gonna share one of them with you.

You’ve hurt someone?, lied to them, said something offensive behind their back, accused them falsely, ganged up against them, been in a fight with them, broken their heart and you feel bad because you want forgiveness and reconciliation. My question for you this morning is ; Do you forgive others when they tresspass against you or when they wrongly cross your path? If your answer is No then cultivate a habit of forgiving those that may have hurt you. Forgiveness is divine, forgiveness should be part  of your daily routine.

Often times, you stay in a geographical area with some set of people and they may cross your path, while some things are rather left unsaid, the important and painful ones should be said. Why? Because ; believe it or not inhabiting things like these often piles up and leads to either hatred, enemity or a physical exchange of eneegy/power or even the use of abusive words in the midst of a misunderstanding. While letting whatever feeling you have out? You must be careful to not sound rude , the tone used when addressing an individual matters a while lot. 




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