Press Forward❤

Challenges are gonna come, all hope might be lost but don’t ever ever give up on your dreams. You don’t know where your efforts of today are gonna lead you to tomorrow? Just keep thriving keep pressing, don’t ever stop being better, don’t ever stop working your ass off. Success isn’t gonna come overnight, it doesn’t just require hard work…it requires Faith in God and extreme hard work.


I’ve not just learnt that you need hardwork to be successful but also Faith in GOd with constantly praising his name❤

Okay your friends are getting helpers, great jobs,  getting married, going on vacations , getting engaged, getting open doors and breakthroughs and you have been praying and fasting for a long time for just one request and you think God has forgotten you? No he hasn’t, what he has in store for you is greater than your expectation, praise him and thank him like you have the things you have .
Keep pressing forward, no matter the situation.



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