It is always worth it.

Nothing is ever in vain, no effort is ever wasted. You may just be an inspirational blogger (like me) , or a poetical blogger  or an entertainment or news blogger and you may be consistent in your posts ( i.e how often you post on your blog) , you probably aren’t seeing any benefit or growth right now but please don’t stop. Whatever you are doing today might be leading you to a destination you got no idea about. Don’t give up, don’t ask yourself would this make me rich? Ask yourself is this taking me to my goals, ask yourself would it make you successful? But dont ever ever stop. You might be a blogger today or a vlogger, tomorrow you would be a writer to the world or a motivational speaker.

Success doesn’t come in a day or in a year, success comes through hardwork,success comes through consistency and devotion, success comes through faith in God, success comes at the end of the tunnel….it’s never too late to start pursuing after your goals, wake up and do that thing you keep procrastinating . You want to be fit? You want that job? You want to be a billionaire, you want to become the president? You want to be the best writer ? You want to be the best OAP  (on and presenter) or TV Presenter? All this wont happen while you are sitred there provastinating or having negative thoughts on failure. The truth is failure only makes you smarter/wider, it pushes you further, it gives you greater enthusiasm. So go get it….don’t wish for it, work for it💚



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