Strength is what gives you hope, strength is what pushes you further, strength makes you wanna do better, strength brings about positivity, strength makes you better; it gives you this positive or divine power to conquer or climb certain mountains in our lives.

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Whatever your strength is don’t underestimate it,keep reaching out to it , it never stops delivering its services❤

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Pain is a vital form of strength, don’t let that pain weigh you down use it to move forward. Every pain makes us better❤

Sometimes, when you are downcasted you go on social media to find encouraging captions or articles to push through, you read motivational books, you talk to few persons you look up to for words of advice or you pray, read your bible and talk to God. You do all these things to find encouragement to push through, you are seeking a source of strength , a reason to push through the trials and tribulations, a reason to never give up. Whatever your strength is keep looking to that strength keep reaching out to that source of strength that keeps you going and doubt would be far away from you. My most valuable source of strength is writing (because it’s a medium for me to let it all out and this is the best way to encourage myself) , talking to God😍 and Family ❤. Whatever is your strength don’t move away from it because you need that strength to get to where you always dream of , you need that strength to be a better version of yourself. Some persons find strength in pain and that pushes them magically, some people find strength in themselves (their dreams or passion) Your strength could be your bestfriend, mother, father, sister, brother, child(ren), lover, future dreams ; whatever it may be the nutrients of your strength never dry up or get exhausted so keep reaching out to it.





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