Hello happy people💙

Good morning happy people, wishing you a lovely weekend and I hope your week so far was a successful one. Mine was productive and blessed☺. Been doing a lot of thinking and it’s always good to write down your goals and refer to it every morning before you start the activities of the day.

Occasionally, discouragement steps into our lives and the plans we have or our goals and sometimes you give up or you decide to change your goals to a much more lesser one that you can reach at the snap of your fingers. Dreams aren’t dreams if they don’t scare you….that’s why you need God, support and love from close ties. Few days ago I decided to give up my dream on becoming a t.v. presenter and on my acting career and I set new goals which I knew I could reach in few months and yesterday going through my stuff I came across my goals (things I set down to achieve in 5years ) an it only have me more inspiration…drive ..enthusiasm to push through…to achieve my goals.


The beginning is always the hardest…. things get difficult…it seems like nothing is working out …like there’s no progress …you may decide to give up…that’s where discouragement steps in. You have control over the thoughts you let into your head, it’s in your power to not let that discouragement get to you. The beginning isn’t always fruity, the end matters so keep working hard because it’s all gonna be worth it in the end❤💯

Often times we would get discouraged but it’s in your best interest to let that discouragement get to you, you have control over what you want to feel or what thoughts you let get to you. No matter how hard or how long it will take for you to achieve your goals be ready to go on that journey, be ready to work hard for that purpose because in the end when that goal comes to reality, when you achieve that goal you will be so glad you got there….so smile to the difficult times, sleepless nights and whatever you are going through.  No one said it would be easy, but it is gonna be worth it ☺❤




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