Skin Care ❤

Skin care involves the range of activities that promote good and healthy Skin, skin care also involves measures that prevent the Skin from sunburn, skin break down, dry skin,  acne,  eczema, heat rash and so on and so forth.

Skin disease is the most uncomfortable challenge you can face as an individual because the condition of your skin affects your daily activities . Some individuals shower once a day , reasons may be because of tiredness/fatigue, they get home late, some persons are so used to taking shower once a day . Dermatologists advice that an individual should shower at least twice a day to avoid skin diseases which may be chronic to your health.

In order to avoid skin irritations and diseases it is advisable to wash your towel frequently , make sure your clothes are clean ( sometimes clothes kept in dust can cause skin irritation when you wear them) , shower twice a day, wash your face regularly, use a sunscreen wen out in the sun, make sure to apply a lotion after taking a shower to avoid dey and broken skin.
I hope this helps.
2016 ❤


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