Good Morning!!!

Hello ladies and gentle men, happy last Sunday of January💃💃. Many a time in your life you sit down and you entertain few thoughts and that leads to decision making. Some of these decisions may be * Focus on God/spending more time with God🙌 * Adventure * Read more books 🙋* take studies seriously * make new friends🙋 * live a healthy life 🙋 * organizing your closet * working closer to your goals (even if it requires sleepless nights) and so much more. And yes you start up somewhere and just when you see the positive results unfolding you get relaxed and you fall back and soon you start seeing how much you have left undone…sadness and regret creeps in.PhotoGrid_1454227521314

We are so quick to asking God why certains are not the way it is in our lives, we question God especially when we are so devoted to him and I will give you an answer… – God takes you on a journey, a journey to a mountain and without ups and downs, trials and tribulations you as a person will not appreciate or know the value of the mountain when you get to the top. In the bible so many great men of God went through greater trials. Take a look at Joseph, if he had given up when his brother’s sold him out for slavery or when he was imprisoned he wouldn’t  have been the Minister / vizier ( the second most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharoah). Joseph was made a slave, they hurt his feet with fetters, he was laid in irons he went through so many hardships and trials . The Lord tested him, the Lord tested his faith and God blessed him in an unusual way.

Now you reading this message of mine have you suddenly given up on your dreams?, are you having regrets or sadness on not pushing further?, are you in so.a sort of trial? That is God testing your faith because the amount of blessing coming your way is so big your present self cannot handle it…God is just preparing you for the great side of blessing coming your way. He never fails and he would never fail,  get on your kneels and thank him for the trials you are facing, give him glory,  sing praises to him . He has something greater than human thinking in store for you.

God bless you 🙏🙏




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