Unforgiveness brings about sadness, memories of the incident when you were hurt automatically changes your mood. Forgiveness is defined as the act of letting go of or waiveing aside any negative feeling or desire for punishment. Today just sitting in the car with my mother, memories of how my friends hurt me so badly and my past relationship just kept coming into my head and it came to my understanding that I haven’t let go of the hurt and the grudge and this is what has held be bound in the circle of hurt and regret.textgram_1452795608.png

When you forgive you sign a deal to move forward, when you forgive you make peace with yourself and things start falling into place.

Today as you read this message forgive one another, let go of the hurt and move on to higher heights. Just one in forgiveness can delay certain things in your life. Today’s challenge is quite simple, forgive someone; a family member, your ex, business partner, colleague, a friend or anyone you are holding unforgiveness or bitterness against. Not because they deserve it but because you want to live a peaceful life, it is in your hands to not let their actions define you and that’s by letting it go and forgive them ­čĺ×



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