Hello 💞

Good day ladies and gentlemen, happy new week, I pray that you have a prosperous, favourable and successful week ahead.

For a week now I’ve become so close to God , I talk to him just like I would talk to my family and its been great. I would usually lay down on my bed and read some scriptures, preferably psalm 23, 35, 91, 121 and I would thank him for the gift of life and shelter and the food he has provided and I would ask him for direction and pour out my heart to him. He has been a wonderful listener, one who never gets tired of listening to me , neither does he get tired of advicing me and leading me through. Talking to him every time I get to, has changed a whole lot in me, it has not just made me quiet to certain things but also dropped some habits, I’ve found out that peace is the best gift of life. It has been a wonderful experience indeed.

Now this is what you do, kindly set a date with God, you can be walking, having a stroll, laying on your bed, sitting, taking a shower or anything, talk to him like you would talk to your closest friend and thank him for listening. Do this for one week and commentvtour results. A date with God, is the day that your life changes, its a day that you will never forget

Give it a try and you will find out that you won’t only have peace but your worries would be gone. God bless you



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